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    A spectacular variety of international cuisine awaits discovery, allowing you to visit all corners of the globe during your stay, any time of the day or night.

    • West End Coffee Shop

      For those quiet moments when you want nothing more than to wind down with your favorite book and a coffee, or spend some quality time conversing with those closest to you, head down to West End, the Royal Ascot’s exclusive coffee shop.

      Soft music and great conversations set the mood among the aromas of freshly ground coffee beans brewing to perfection for that rich cup of coffee.

      Cuisine : International
      Timing : 24 Hours
      Location : Lobby Level

    • Wellington Steakhouse & Lounge Bar

      Whether meeting friends or entertaining business guests, Wellington’s – the lounge bar of the Royal Ascot – offers a classy blend of music, drinks and ambience to start off the evening, spirits, or cocktails depending on your persuasion. Combined with the perfect savory snacks, you won’t notice time fly by as you and your guests revel into the wee hours.

      If you ask, the bartender will willingly recommend the special of Wellington’s. In fact, we have some truly exotic potions for those adventurous enough to try them. All you have to do is ask!

      Cuisine : Continental
      Timing : 12:00 PM – 01:30 AM
      Location : Lobby Level, Specialty : Steaks


      The traditional cuisine prepared for the royal court of North Korea could take hours and days to prepare. One of the most labor intensive cuisines in the world, Korean food must harmonize warm and cold, hot and mild, rough and soft, solid and liquid, and a balance of presentation colors.

      At the OK RYU-GWAN, we recreate the experience of Royal Korean dining for you. We serve a meticulously prepared variety of banchan (side dishes) that accompany the steamed short-grain rice, soup and Kimchi – the fermented, spicy vegetable pickle prepared with cabbage, radish or cucumber. Accompanying the meal is of course authentic Korean Soju and Majuang wine or ginseng tea if you prefer something non-alcoholic.

      Cuisine : North Korean
      Timing : 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
      Location : Ground Floor, Specialty : Live barbecue & Pyongyang style cold noodles

    • Ayam Zaman

      Enjoy the flavors of Lebanese cuisine and culture at Ayam Zaman. Sample the combination of Mediterranean diversity, European subtlety and the distinctly traditional foods prepared by their chefs. The expertly created menu focuses on herbs and spices and uses fresh seasonal ingredients to create the many and diverse flavors that make Lebanese cooking so spectacular. Enjoy the specially created mezze and breads that are home baked in brick ovens.

      Sit back and enjoy the sounds of live singer and his traditional Lebanese band while the exotic belly dancer, will entertain you with her dancing and take you on a journey to the heart of Arabia. Located on the mezzanine floor of The Royal Ascot Hotel, Ayam Zaman combines old world Arabia with sophistication and elegance.

      Cuisine : Arabic, Lebanese, Middle Eastern
      Timing : 08:00 PM – 03:00 AM
      Location : Mezzanine Floor

    • Mehfil One Indian Club

      One of the most popular Indian night clubs in Bur Dubai city, Mehfil One Indian Club is the perfect choice to savor the authentic spicy flavors from India. Unwind yourself, be in the crowd and shake your worries with mesmerizing Indian tunes! Come every night, Mehfil is ready with its extensive collection of in house dancers.

      The Interior is flattered by attractive colors and decor, along with comfortable dining furniture; the guests are served by our gracious staff & entertained through the night with Live Performances by our talented Artists.

      The best Indian club playing sensational music and with Live performances depecting Bollywood, the food at its best cooked by our best selected Indian chefs.

      Cuisine : Indian
      Timing : 8.00 PM to 03.00 AM
      Location : Mezzanine Floor, Specialty : Indian & Mughlai Dishes

    • Spree The Club

      The club has its own entrance & valet service and it has 2 levels with almost 1350 sq.m. in space. The club is equipped with 24 light overheads, state of the art sound system, laser effects, Nitrogen Machine, LED & LCD screens. A venue perfect for international performing Artists where the Best International and Local DJs spin their best mixes.

      Timing : 10:00 PM – 03:00 AM
      Location : Ground Level

    • The ROOFTOP Lounge & Dining

      The Rooftop is a very stylishly designed Chillout Lounge Bar & Dining and has different Theme Nights with attractive promotional offers.

      It is divided into four areas - The Private Enclosure Area with four Cabanas, each caters to 10 to 14 guests. The Entire area is popular for Private Parties of over 40 to 50 people. The huge Bar Area is for the guests who want to have their drinks & small bites, while watching their favorite sports channels or enjoying the LIVE DJ MUSIC. The Lounge Area has the lit up lounge table with low sofa seating, caters to guests enjoying smoking Shisha’s along with their food & drinks. The Dining Area located in the middle of the venue caters to over 70 people who prefer to enjoy their meals & drinks on a properly laid out dining setup.

      The Rooftop has 4 LIVE COOKING STATIONS, (ARABIC, INDIAN, ITALIAN & CHINESE) which the best of Chef’s preparing a variety of specialties right in front of the guests. It also has a main kitchen serving the best of North Indian Cuisine.

      Rooftop is not just a Leisure destination, But an unforgettable experience!