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Our Vision

Khamas Hospitality is a corporation of exceptional capability, yet still, aiming to set a new benchmark respected in the industry for its patent leadership, world-class quality and client satisfaction in the Gulf Region, and globally. We envision our own niche among industry leaders as we contribute to the nation's ideals and progress. Khamas Hospitality remains committed to the highest standards of leadership and promotes excellence in areas where our services and products are needed through these:

Corporate Responsibility

Amid competition, Khamas Hospitality continues to develop a positive impact on the communities and environment in which it operates. Its divisions monitor all subsidiaries to ensure our corporate policies with respect to the environment, public safety and health. We keep our lines open with the staff and personnel to evaluate their performance and assess both their professional needs and career growth through calendared trainings. 

Khamas Hospitality

Our mission

Dynamic Leadership

Khamas Hospitality can never be socially responsible without the active participation and high productivity among its divisions and subsidiaries. In the tradition of Khamas leadership, we emulate the dynamism seen from the management among the heads of the subsidiaries. The leadership quality apparent in the management is always nurtured.

Excellent Performance

Team building nurtures motivation and responsibility. It helps develop productivity and confidence within the management, and among the staff and employees. Khamas Hospitality believes an excellent performance puts the organization forward in its business.