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Chairman’s Message

“At Khamas Group we believe that the little details are vital. Little things make big things happen. This is a challenge when you are controlling an immense group of companies. We strive to emulate the principles instilled upon us by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who kept an attentive eye out for his citizens despite the task of managing the dynamic growth of Dubai.

We endeavor to maintain the Noble Sheikh’s standards throughout each of our divisions including the highest levels at Khamas Group. Our inspiration is derived from our faith in this nation as we participated in its dramatic development. The economic crisis was a testing experience for us, however we managed to pull through it stronger than before. Our current goal is expansion in various types of trade, as well further development in our existing fields. Dubai is a flourishing market, and we are growing with it. We pray to God for his help in succeeding in our mission, and we never forget that God is within us as well”

- BADER BUKHAMMASChairman of Khamas Group

MD’s Message


The Khamas Group has long been the beacon of excellence across several industries it serves. A prominent jewel in the crown is the hospitality division. The hotels division has moved from strength to strength consolidating on its existing line of hotels as well as making swift progress with projects in the development stages.

Service excellence, exceptional dining and superior amenities are the hallmarks that have propelled the Group’s Hospitality division to new heights.

The increase in turnover year by year, the Khamas Hospitality has clearly come a long way. One of the cornerstones of this success has been highly motivated and well trained staff that provides the kind of attentive, personalized and warm service. The Group employs 1,000 trained and skilled individuals to over-see, manage and facilitate daily operations. This has helped the Group establish a reputation for redefining excellence in service and setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Faced with new challenges every step of the way, the management applies the required knowledge and skills to facilitate smooth day to day operations. An unmatched reflection of professionalism and acumen, massive plans of expansion with a few more hotels laced with the promise of service excellence. Articulate as always, Mr. Kachroo elucidates on the secret of dynamic leadership in the following words:

“ A true leader ensures his team, not only sees his vision, but also lives and breathes it. ”

- PAWAN KACHROOManaging Director – Khamas Hospitality


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  • Royal Ascot Hotel
  • Seaview Hotel
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